Paramedic Council

Working together, the Board of Trustees, Paramedic Council and Chief Executive Group provide collective leadership for the College of Paramedics and ensure the effective running of the charity, delivery of strategy and active membership representation. 
The Paramedic Council has the ability to steer and shape the College’s ongoing work and future aspirations by providing a platform for representatives to advocate for their members, ensuring a strong and articulate voice in all that the College does, and by providing a clear and vital communication channel between the College and members.  
The Council hold regular meetings to discuss regional and national issues that are important to our members, playing an instrumental part in ensuring that strategy is developed and delivered with membership interests at its heart.   
The Council are supported by Head Office staff to develop connections with members within their region or sector and build effective member groups and networks. As the voice of the membership, the Council collect themes, trends, initiatives and views.  
Full members of the College of Paramedics are eligible to stand as a candidate to be a Member Representative when a position becomes available. Candidates are voted on by full members from the region of the open seat(s).    
The maximum tenure for a Member Representative is two terms, each term consisting of 2 years. At the end of their first term, Member Representatives must consider their wider commitments, reflect on their first term, and decide whether to stand, alongside other full members of the College, to be elected for a second term.    
Time commitment:     
- Attend quarterly Paramedic Council meetings     
- Attend two Congress meetings annually     
- Read the papers associated with each meeting     
- Read communications sent via email between meetings     
- Volunteer to attend quarterly meetings as a member of a Board Committee - the Remuneration Committee, the Nominations Committee or the Finance Risk and Assurance Committee    

Are there any issues you would like to highlight for discussion? Click the link below to find out who the Member Representative is for your region and get in touch. 

2024 Elections

This year the member representative positions for EasternSouth East and Wales were available for full members in those regions/nations to stand as a candidate for. View the results and find out more about the Paramedic Council Elections.

Geographical Regions 

The Paramedic Council is made up of 14 member representatives, representing 12 geographical areas as well as military and overseas members and student members. The geographical regions are well recognised nationally and are mirrored in the College of Paramedics Student Council structure. 

Regions are predominantly related to the geographical location in which our members live or work in, except for military members and members registered in the UK but practicing outside of the UK borders, who are within the Military and Overseas sector, and are based on the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) used by the National Office of Statistics and others.
Members can log in to the College website and go to their member profile, located in the Member Hub, where they can ensure they are allocated the most appropriate region/sector. This will then be the one they can stand within, be represented within and be active within as a member.