The College of Paramedics Student Council is formed of 12 representatives and a chair, elected by student members of the College to provide the voice of student paramedics from all four nations of the United Kingdom.

Election Information

The main aim of the student council is to advocate for student paramedics across the UK, providing the voice of the future of the profession in the College’s work from the ground up. We work on and with various workstreams within the College, including but not limited to the education directorate, Chief Executive Group, and the council. We also provide the student voice in areas outside our main focus, to ensure that the future of the profession is represented wherever possible.

The regions of the student council mirror the regions of the College’s full council, ensuring that students from every educational institution have a named representative who they can turn to for support and signposting during their course. To reflect the nature of some courses, student members whose educational establishment and main placement provider may come under two different regions may choose which region they wish to align themselves to.

The council meet bimonthly, with a minimum of two face-to-face meetings per year, which are usually aligned with the UK Student Paramedic Conference and the National Conference dates. Where a student wishes to raise something to the council, they should first speak to their College of Paramedics Liaison Officer at their educational establishment, if one is in place. If they are unable to speak to the liaison, they should speak to their regional representative. They may be asked to provide further details depending on the situation. It is worth noting however that the more information that can be provided initially, the more effective the council can be in assisting.


The Student Council’s purpose is to represent the views of the student membership within the College of Paramedics.
The primary aims are: 




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