This page launched in January 2021 aims to provide you with ongoing knowledge of the College’s activities all in one place. Regularly updated, you will find brief outlines of developments, publications and workstreams, and updates on national groups that the College’s staff are involved with or leading on.

January 2021

The new year has started like any other for the College of Paramedic’s staff, with the writing of the Annual Report for the previous year. This report will detail all activities, achievements and the financial situation of the College at the end of 2020. It will be published later in 2021 to coincide with our AGM. January 2021 also brings a renewed focus on Covid19, building on the work that occurred in 2020. The College of Paramedics continues to make its position clear through press engagement, social media and corresponding with national organisations and government, on a range of issues such as PPE, vaccinations, ambulance handover delays and the need for adequate support for the mental health and wellbeing of ambulance staff and paramedics in all settings. Our Education Team are also committed to continuing to support our student member colleagues in all four nations of the UK, who are experiencing interruptions to their academic studies and clinical placements due to the ongoing pandemic. An update letter has been sent to all student members. Our Covid19 webpage has more information and updates, click here to read.

Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities
We are working in collaboration with the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities who are seeking the opinions of doctors, nurses and paramedics, to help them identify and understand the drivers behind disparities within the health service. As part of their ongoing work the Commission is currently running focus groups for the professions above, which will include a number of College members from around the UK. Click here to learn more.

Launch of Health Education England’s ‘A Roadmap to Practice’ for paramedics in primary care
The Roadmap identifies the standards of practice expected for those paramedics wanting to work in primary care roles and those who already do so. It outlines the route from entry into primary care to the First Contact Practitioner role, and on to Advanced Practice, whether by an academic route or by the development of a portfolio. The roadmap for paramedics will guide our primary care paramedics to evidence their skills, knowledge and attributes to demonstrate such capabilities, and to thus work towards recognition and inclusion on HEE’s Centre of Advancing Practice Directories. Click here to learn more. 

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