Portfolio Paramedic

Becoming a Portfolio Paramedic

Join us as we discover the various aspects of portfolio working. Becoming a portfolio paramedic can offer a dynamic career with multiple roles - with increasing flexibility, clinical knowledge, and career progression. By alternating responsibilities, stress can also often be reduced, and specialisation in various areas becomes possible. Transitioning gradually into this role enhances professional growth and work-life balance. Portfolio paramedics are able to explore diverse opportunities and fully utilise their skillsets and passions. This vibrant career option encourages paramedics to leverage their education and find fulfilling career paths!


Ellie highlights the importance of continuous education and the flexibility that comes with portfolio work, allowing paramedics to specialize and transition into varied healthcare roles.


Adam became a portfolio paramedic due to his passion for aviation and travel, combining roles in the ambulance service and repatriation.



Meg shares her experience as a portfolio paramedic, balancing roles in education, leadership, clinical practice, and research. 


Helen became a portfolio paramedic to mitigate burnout, which is common due to long hours and exposure to traumatic situations. Encouraged by her manager, she embraced portfolio work to reduce the frequency of encountering distressing events, aiming for a longer career in critical care. 



Jo highlights the benefits of becoming a portfolio paramedic, including the development of new clinical and educational skills.