In Memoriam

This dedicated page commemorates colleagues who have sadly lost their lives over recent months. However, we recognise that we may not be aware of all those who have tragically died during the pandemic, so we ask that members let us know if there is someone whose details you think should be included. It is immaterial whether those who have lost their lives were members of the College of Paramedics or not. 

2022 Karen Nelson Scotland
2022 Mark Pell London
2021 Chris Long East Midlands
2021 Liam Waring East Midlands
2021 Jason Barr University of Hull/ YAS
2021  Susan Tugwell South East Coast 
2021  David Smith Edgehill University 
2021  Tony West East of England 
2021 Peter Millington North West 
2021  Alan Haigh Wales
2021  Graham Hunter North East
2021  Pete Harrison South East Coast 
2021  David Evans South East Coast 
2021  Caroline Flack South East Coast 
2021  Julian Letschka South East Coast 
2021  Paul Teesdale Wales 
2020 Eleanor (Ellie) Marr London
2020 Simon Woodmore London
2020 Malcolm Bonney Yorkshire
2020 Tony Chadbourne East Midlands
2020  Rodney Moore Scotland
2020 John Jones South Central
2020 Lee Fox East of England
2020 Charlotte Cope   Wales 
2020 Gerallt Davies  Wales
2020 Stuart Monk     
North West
2020 Stephen Dawson      
South Central
2020 Mark Stanley
2020 Ben Woodhart 
2020  Julie Molyneaux-Dickinson
South Central
2020 Peter Hart
2020 David Bush
South West
2020 Ian Reynolds
2020 Alan Crawford
2020 Rhod Prosser
South East Coast
2020 Douglas (Dougie) Mayne
South East Coast
2020 Robert Black
2020 Charlie Goodwin 
East Midlands
2020 Phil Rennie 
North West
2020 Neil Ruch
East of England
2020 Jamie Lamb London 
2020 Christopher Ealden
South Central
2019 Leeson Emery Wales