First Contact Practitioner "Recognition of Achievement"

The Paramedic Roadmap was published by NHS England (previously Health Education England) in January 2021, detailing the capability requirements of those moving into primary care roles under the ARRS scheme. 

The initial expectation was that HEE would hold a publicly accessible directory of those who had completed the Roadmap.  This is no longer the case. 

The College of Paramedics values the significant commitment and hard work that paramedic FCPs have undertaken to complete the Roadmap, and we are delighted to recognise the achievement of our FCP Community.


These recipients have completed the FCP.

Carl Wilson Humber
Matthew Dearing Humber
Lee Murphy South Yorkshire
James Bullock South Yorkshire
Ruth Gifford  BOB ICB 
Hannah Harper
NHS Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin 
Stuart Lee Cheshire and Merseyside  
Matthew Cooper NHS Kent and Medway 
Emma Constance Kent and Medway ICB 
Jennifer Gower Kent and Medway 
Joshua Smith 60 Tutsham Way
Natalie Wells  Kent & Medway 
Andrew Reeve  Norfolk and Waveney ICB 
Megan Barton
NHS Kent and Medway ICB 
Emma Barringer  Kent and Medway 
Richard Stephenson West Yorkshire ICB
Zackary Moss
NHS West Yorks 
Nigel Lambley 
West Yorkshire 
Mark Woodrow Bradford 4
Judith Myhill  West Yorkshire 
Ellie Stokes  NHS Kent and Medway ICB 
Anna Stanley NHS Kent and Medway ICB
Mark Westron
NHS Lincolnshire ICB
Michael Simons   NHS Yorkshire ICB
Garry Parcell Birmingham and Solihull
Chris Harte BSOL Birmingham and Solihull
Jonathan Adams  Birmingham & Solihull 
Suzanne Mallin
Coventry and Warwickshire 
Fiona Greaves Birmingham and Solihull 
Lee Stevens  Birmingham Solihull  
Lily Dixon BNSSG
Tracey Ashcroft Coventry and Warwickshire ICB
Luke MacCallum  NHS Gloucestershire
Eleanor Henderson   Gloucestershire
Lisa Brindley
NHS Gloucestershire ICB 
Tim George Gloucestershire ICB
Rachel McDonald 
Hertfordshire and West Essex
Victoria Bennett  Gloucestershire ICB 
Fran Brewer  Kent and Medway ICB 
Simon Mangeolles
West Yorkshire ICB 



HEE Paramedic Roadmap