Trustee Elections

Becoming one of our charity trustees provides full members with a rich opportunity to develop both personally and professionally, allowing them to give back to their profession by providing their time and expertise to contribute to the ongoing development of paramedics and their professional body.

Trustee positions are voluntary roles and are perfect for those looking for their next challenge.

When elections are running, we welcome and encourage full members of all backgrounds to stand as candidates.

How the elections work

The elections are a straightforward process.

If, after checking they meet the eligibility criteria to stand as a candidate and reading the Personal Attributes and Role Description, full members feel that they can bring the right skills and experience to the role and they’re willing to commit time to it, they’ve completed the first step.

The next step is to find two fellow College of Paramedics members who support their standing as a candidate to act as nominators. They will then need to register as a candidate by completing the Candidate Registration Form, in which they will be asked to complete their personal details, the names and email addresses of their nominators and a written candidate statement explaining how they meet the requirements of the role.

A short period follows where candidates can have contact with the Congress—members of the Board and the Paramedic Council. They will vote, and our new Board Members will be announced.

The maximum tenure for a trustee is two terms, each term consisting of 2 years. At the end of their first term, Trustees must consider their wider commitments, reflect on their first term, and decide whether to stand, alongside other full members of the College, to be elected for a second term as trustee.

For more information on the role of a trustee click here.

You can download the Electoral Regulations here.

The elections are administered by an independent election service. Votes will be counted using the Single Transferable Vote system, which means second and even third or later choice votes may come into play.

Meet the Trustees

Our Trustees are legally responsible for the College as a charity, ensuring that the College is legally and financially sound and complying with its charitable purpose.

2024 Elections

This year full members have an opportunity to stand for five Trustee positions; Trustee (Education), Trustee (Membership), Trustee (Professional Standards), Trustee (Research) and Honorary Treasurer. More information will be available soon.