Education Advisory Group 

The Education Advisory Group (EAG) is made up of representatives from a range of paramedic backgrounds, including representation specific to each of the four pillars; research, management & leadership, clinical and, of course, education. 

There are National Advisors from each of the four UK countries to ensure that any discussions and decisions are applicable to all paramedics represented by the College. 

Among the key purposes of the EAG is the continued development of curriculum guidance documentation, both pre and post registration, while ensuring that stakeholders are fully engaged in the development process. Other work undertaken by the EAG includes the development of educational policies and projects, such as the interactive career framework and e-Learning for health initiatives. The endorsement of educational programmes is also within the remit of the EAG.

Recent work includes the development of a Practice Educator curriculum and supporting handbook and the first International Paramedic Education Conference. 

EAG Minutes


EAG Meeting Minutes 9th February 2022   DOWNLOAD      
Congress Minutes 24th March 2021