2022 Trustee Elections 

Earlier this year, full members had the opportunity to stand for five Trustee positions:

- Honorary Treasurer 
- Trustee (Research)* 
- Trustee (Membership)* 
- Trustee (Education)* 
- Trustee (Professional Standards)   
* the Trustee currently holding this position stood as a candidate for a second term 

The purpose of the Board of Trustees is to set the strategic direction for the College, securing its long-term direction. The Board also ensures the College is run effectively and properly, meeting its legal and other obligations. Members are able to stand for one position only at a time.

The results are as follows: 

- Trustee (Research): Georgette Eaton (uncontested position)
- Trustee (Membership): Richard Webber (uncontested position)
- Trustee (Education): Vince Clarke (re-elected)
- Trustee (Professional Standards): Fauziya Lakhi (new Trustee)   

By-election - Honorary Treasurer

During an otherwise successful set of Trustee Elections, we unfortunately had no candidates for the role of Honorary Treasurer, therefore, we are now holding a by-election for this position.

Applications are now open. This is an exciting voluntary position for those looking for their next challenge. Becoming one of our charity trustees would provide you with a rich opportunity to develop both personally and professionally, allowing you to give back to your profession by providing your time and expertise to contribute to the ongoing development of paramedics and your professional body. The College recognises the need and inherent benefit of diversity within the organisation and amongst our representatives, and we welcome and encourage full members of all backgrounds to stand as candidates.  

Full members will be able to put themselves forward as candidates from 27th July to 5th September.  

Candidates will be voted on by Congress members - the Board of Trustees and the Paramedic Council.   

Each Trustee has a term of two years with an option to stand to be elected for a further term of two years.   

For more information on the role of a trustee click here
Time commitment:  
- Attend bi-monthly Board of Trustee meetings  
- 10 hours of Board development meetings per year  
- Read the papers associated with each meeting  
- Read communications sent via email between meetings  
- Volunteer to attend quarterly meetings as a member of a Board Committee - the Remuneration Committee, the Nominations Committee or the Finance Risk and Assurance Committee 

Online Member Engagement Session

We will be holding an online member engagement session on 31st August with John Martin, President of the College of Paramedics, Tim Gerhard, former Honorary Treasurer and Tracy Nicholls, Chief Executive of the College of Paramedics to provide members with more information on the role and an opportunity to ask questions about any aspect of the application process. Click here to find out more and register your attendance.

How to stand as a candidate 

Full members will have from 27th July to 5th September to put themselves forward as candidates, by submitting their candidate statement. Members are able to submit their candidate statement at any time between these dates, but are welcome to submit their statement after the drop-in session, as long as it is received by 23:59 on 5th September.
Candidates will be required to fill in an MS Forms application to include their candidate statement (500 words) and are asked to send in a headshot by email. Candidate statements and photos will be uploaded to our website. 

Click here to apply.  Deadline 5th September 2022 


Candidates who put themselves forward for the position of Honorary Treasurer will be listed here. 


The New Trustee (Professional Standards)

We'd like to extend a warm welcome to the new Trustee (Professional Standards), Fauziya Lakhi.

“I’m delighted to join the College as a Trustee (Professional Standards). The College has already done some brilliant work on professional development and I’m excited to build upon this, particularly working on leadership development and paramedic wellbeing to ensure a supportive environment for all members.

“I decided to stand for election as a Trustee as I couldn’t see myself represented in the organisation’s governance – and I’m so glad I did! I hope this encourages other under-represented members to get involved as well.”