Fitness to Practise Representation

The College of Paramedics first introduced the Fitness to Practise Scheme in December 2018 to provide legal assistance for Full member undergoing an HCPC investigation. 

For anyone going through a Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) Fitness to Practise investigation, we understand how worrying and stressful a time it can be in your career. The College will consider applications to provide legal assistance to Full members undergoing an investigation by the HCPC when a member is undertaking their role responsibilities in accordance with their scope of practise and fulfils the criteria set out in the Fitness to Practise Policy. 
Full members can access the 24-hour helpline in which you can discuss all matters relating to your Fitness to Practise investigation, prior to applying for assistance under the College’s Fitness to Practise Policy.

Any member being asked to self-refer, or believing they should self-refer, are required under this scheme to seek advice from the College’s legal team before contacting the HCPC.


If you receive formal allegations on or after 1st August 2023 you can read the full Fitness to Practise policy here.

If you received formal allegations prior to 1st August 2023 please contact us on 01278 420014 or email for the scheme terms applicable to your application.


We have produced a poster to provide specific advice about HCPC self-referral by paramedics. This poster has been co-badged with several other organisations, including the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives.  


Paramedic Self-referral Guidance and Advice Webinar

Hosted jointly by the College of Paramedics and the HCPC in December 2021 this webinar highlights that there is a high rate of self-referral from paramedics to the HCPC. The webinar outlines how the HCPC’s new guidance on Health and Character might impact on self-referral decisions, and uses a range of case studies and gives practical advice to help you to understand if self-referral is really necessary.   

Further Resources

The College of Paramedics and the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives held an webinar as part of the #UncomfortableConversations series on ‘Abuse of Position of Trust'. The purpose of this important and insightful session was to increase awareness of what constitutes “inappropriate behaviour”, what signs to look out for, the psychology of the offender, and how to respond. You can watch a recording of this highly recommended session here: