In past years, passionate and enthusiastic student paramedic colleagues have worked hard to lay the foundations for a representative and emphatic student voice within all that the College of Paramedics does.   

Now, recent work within the College to restructure the Board and update organisational governance systems to serve an ever-growing membership has allowed a perfect opportunity to realise the aspirations of those who spearheaded the inception of the previously named ‘Student Advisory Committee’. These individuals who continue to advocate for student paramedics around the UK, together with new student colleagues and staff of the College have been working alongside the Board restructure group to develop the first College of Paramedics' Student Council.   

For over 10 years there has been a student representative on the College of Paramedics' Board of Trustees, which since 2019, has been Ben Vickars (St Georges University). Ben has more recently been joined by Stella Branthonne-Foster (St Georges University) as the Alternate Student Representative. Ben and Stella have worked extremely hard during their tenure, bringing a strong and articulate student voice to a wide variety of College projects, groups and workstreams. 


We are pleased to announce that Ben and Stella have agreed to continue working with us to launch the new Student Council and to provide ongoing stable leadership in the roles of Chair and Vice-chair respectively. Once their existing tenures expire the College will look to appoint new individuals to these roles in the future. Their tenure will be two years, at which point, two new individuals will be appointed into these roles.  


The Student Council’s purpose is to represent the views of the student membership within the College of Paramedics.

The primary aims are: 



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