Welcome to the Student Council Elections page

The current Student Council was elected at the end of December 2020, starting their terms on the 1st of January 2021. They each have the option to go into a second term for one year, ending 31st December 2022. 

In October each year the election process for those aspiring to become a member of the Student Council will begin. Elections are undertaken in the same way as other College positions. Those elected will begin their tenure on the 1st of January. Appointing the right people to hold Student Council member positions is vital to ensure the College of Paramedics delivers the best representation and benefits for its student members. As the Student Council develops, future opportunities will arise due to individuals stepping down from their appointed role or reaching the end of their tenure.

We hold our Chair of Student Council election earlier in the year than elections for the rest of the Student Council. This year the Chair election closed on the 10th October and the College is delighted to announce that Amy Hobbs will take on the role of Chair from the 1st January 2022. Amy’s candidate statement is available to read. No other candidates put themselves forward. 

The Student Council terms of reference, role descriptions and election guidance, can be found at the bottom of this page.

The Student Council contains 12 student representatives, representing 12 geographical areas (regions). The geographical regions are well recognised nationally and are mirrored in the College Paramedic Council structure. Most of these positions have incumbents from the 2020 election who will go into second and last term, until 2023. 

However, from 4th October any student member in Northern Ireland, Scotland and London could stand to represent their fellow student members. This is now closed and voting will open 22nd November 2021.

Over time, future opportunities will arise due to individuals stepping down from their appointed role or reaching the end of their tenure. 


Roles advertised

4th October

Applications close

14th November

Voting (if appropriate) opens

22nd November

Voting closes

12:00 13th December

Election results announced

20th December

Appointment starts

1st January 2022


Candidates for the student representative positions will be available to view here as and when they put themselves forward.


Voting is available for all student members in the region/nation where the position is contested. All eligible voting members will receive an email from Civica Election Services (CES). If you cannot find the email you should:

1.  Search your inbox for an email from takepart@cesvotes.com with subject: Student Council Election 2021
2.  Email support@cesvotes.com to request a reissue, being sure to mention it’s for the College of Paramedics Student Council Election 2021
3.  Request an automatic reissue via https://secure.cesvotes.com/V3-0-0/contact/forgotcodes.aspx?JMSJobno=m1724_1 – for this process, you will need to enter the email address that we have registered to you in our database
4.  Check that we have the correct email address for you by checking your profile at Member login 
5.  If you are still unable to find an email and believe that you should have received one, please contact penny.jones@collegeofparamedics.co.uk  

Our regions are based on the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS)   used by the National Office of Statistics and others. 

Regions are predominantly related to the geographical location of your university. The nations of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are clear.  

However, there are specific instances where the vast majority of your clinical placement time may be spent outside of the geographical region of your university, for example in a neighbouring Ambulance Service. Your individual situation, when applying for a position on the Student Council, will be taken into account. You may apply for the region in which your university is located, or the region where you complete your Ambulance Service placement hours. You will choose which regional role you are applying for in the Application Form. Please think carefully when you chose your region as, should you be successful in your application, your role on the Student Council is to be the representative voice of your student colleagues in that region.  

If you are now a qualified paramedic but have still received an email to vote on the Student Council elections, then you need to update your membership details. Once you appear on the HCPC paramedic register it is vital to upgrade to full membership to be eligible for all paramedic member benefits including fitness to practise legal representation and Medical Malpractice insurance. To upgrade your membership click here.