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UK Ambulance Services Clinical Practice Guidelines 2016 - Pocketbook Edition






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The 2016 Clinical Practice Guidelines will build on the successful format of the 2013 edition. Many  minor  amendments  and  updates  have  been  added  throughout  the  text.  New guidance  has  been  developed  on end of life care, staff wellbeing and health, special circumstances in resuscitation and the Mental Capacity Act. The Joint Royal Colleges Ambulance Liaison Committee (JRCALC) has been  pleased to recommend the use of midazolam primarily to help treat convulsions although its use with the combative traumatic head injured patient to facilitate improved oxygenation is also recognised.  A new guideline has been developed that outlines its safe use with the buccal route for children and a choice of administration routes for adults.  Although new guidance on sepsis is much needed, it is not included in  this edition as new International Sepsis Guidance, due to be published very soon (early Spring) will significantly influence and inform the next JRCALC recommended guideline.  The AACE intend to support JRCALC to develop  new sepsis guidance as soon as possible and make it freely available as an addition to the 2016 publication.  The new guidelines on resuscitation have been updated to  reflect the new guidelines from the  Resuscitation Council UK, which were published in October 2015.  Professor Charles Deakin led on the drafting for JRCALC and his experience of pre-hospital care ensures that guidance reflects international best practice and is specifically for ambulance clinicians.  Convulsions in children, head trauma and mental health have all been significantly revised for  this edition whilst other guidelines  in  the book have been  subject to updates and corrections as required. 

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ISBN: 9781859595985

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