e-Portfolio and Online Appraisal System for Primary Care Paramedics

We have developed a paramedic specific e-portfolio with FourteenFish, who provide similar learning tools for GPs and other Allied Health Professionals. The e-portfolio can be used as your individually focused resource and enables you to collate all your post-graduate learning conveniently in one single database. It can be used to demonstrate your progression and development along your chosen career pathway.

How it works

FourteenFish was founded in 2012, with the aim of offering GPs a better way to record their CPD and perform appraisals. As FourteenFish is the e-portfolio that most GPs use, this makes the supervisory requirements for supervising GPs easy and familiar to navigate. The current version includes the clinical competencies required for the First Contact Practitioner (FCP) Roadmap and the additional requirements for Advanced Practitioners (AP). The format of the paramedic portfolio allows all primary care paramedics working towards these goals to map their own individual journey, whether through a formal or a portfolio route, to achieve the same goal.

Feedback on performance

Paramedics can also use the e-portfolio to seek multi-source feedback on their performance, as required for the FCP roadmap. The templates have been preloaded, so you simply send the feedback survey to your colleagues, both clinical or administrative and there are a number of ways to seek feedback from patients. 

Ongoing use

The e-portfolio allows you to continually demonstrate your ongoing learning and development. There is the trainee account, specifically designed for primary care paramedics working towards the FCP role. Alternatively, there is an appraisal e-portfolio for Advanced Practitioners, to help demonstrate how you uphold your individual job specific competencies. Simply upload your evidence, then tag it to your chosen job role and the relevant pillar of advanced practice. This is a universal e-portfolio for all Advanced Practitioners and is especially useful for Paramedics demonstrating their progression via a portfolio route.

Key features

  • Apple and Android apps
  • Capture CPD from other websites
  • Input CPD by email and photos
  • Helpful support and guidance
  • Fully integrated system
  • ISO 27001 certified

Free membership

We're pleased to be able to deliver a year’s FREE membership for all, which includes one round of the multi-source feedback surveys, ending March 2024.

To access the free membership, you must be a member of the appropriate ‘Community’ and input your current job role and the ICB where you work on the portfolio.

The normal cost is £42 per year with an additional payments for the surveys.

How to sign-up

Paramedics can access their FREE one-year membership by creating an account with FourteenFish and joining the College of Paramedics Community here.

Non-College of Paramedic members can access their free portfolio by using the following link to sign up and join the PFT2023 community: www.fourteenfish.com/join/pft2023

Future plans for paramedics working in other sectors

The e-Portfolio has initially been designed as a stepped approach for primary care paramedics, with the next phase to add the common capabilities for paramedics working in other non-traditional clinical environments, initially Urgent Care. We also have future plans in place to add capabilities for other clinical areas, particularly where frameworks already exist and are also hoping to be able to provide a platform for consultant paramedics.