Consultant Paramedic Register 

The College of Paramedics Consultant Register has been developed to acknowledge those in the paramedic profession who practice and work at a consultancy level and to provide professional leadership from a systems and strategic perspective that encompasses all areas of paramedic practice.  

Consultant paramedics are strategic leaders who act as role models for paramedics and the healthcare community. Typically, the role of consultant paramedic is underpinned by a philosophical position which places patient centred care at the forefront of their role. Consultant paramedics work autonomously to a high degree, are leaders in the field of paramedic practice, and have the ability to evaluate and critically analyse various forms of data, along with a strong leadership and managerial presence within their area of practice.

 (College of Paramedics, Post Graduate Curriculum Framework, 2017)
In late 2018 the College of Paramedics established a Consultant Paramedic Register from the then existing members of the College of Paramedics Consultant Paramedic Committee. This was phase one of the development of a Consultant Paramedic Register complete. Phase two provided the opportunity for all those that currently held a Consultant Paramedic job title to complete an application form to join the register. 

Work is currently being undertaken to develop phase three to allow future entry onto the register for eligible individuals who do not currently work under a Consultant Paramedic title. This process is designed to enable individuals who meet the entry criteria to submit an application in a similar way to phase two but with the addition of a Consultant Register Approvals Panel element to ensure consistency and fairness. Phase three will be launched early 2020.  

Applicants to the Consultant Paramedic Register must;

  • be a full member of the College of Paramedics
  • not be in arrears with their membership fees
  • be of good standing with no known fitness to practise concerns
  • be educated to FHEQ Level 7 or SCQF Level 11 – MSc level or equivalent demonstratable experience
  • have demonstratable evidence of consultant level activity in all five pillars of consultant level practice; 1. Expert practice, 2. Strategic enabling leadership, 3. Systems learning and developing, 4. Research and innovation and 5. Consultancy across all pillars from practice to systems levels. 


Due to the considerable challenges faced during Covid19 we have regrettably been unable to launch phase three of the Consultant Paramedic Register as planned.
We are now working hard to complete this piece of work and to launch phase three by the end of this year.
Many thanks for your patience at this time.