COVID-19 Ambulance Response Assessment Study (CARA)

Ambulance service personnel are always under pressure. But now we are facing a global pandemic, are you ready?



The College of Paramedics is leading a UK wide survey in collaboration with the National Ambulance Research Steering Group exploring how staff feel about their health and wellbeing and the activities being undertaken during this global pandemic.

Who do we need to hear from?

Paramedics in any setting, or other ambulance service personnel (NHS or private) who are undertaking direct patient care either face to face (e.g. ambulances, surgeries, prisons, hospitals etc) or remotely (e.g. EOC/EAC/CCC; 111/NHS24).

What is Involved?

You are invited to share your experiences at three points during the pandemic: before, during and after the peak of the outbreak in the UK. Each survey will take about 10 minutes of your time.

This survey is being advertised through some NHS Trusts as well, so please only fill the questionnaire in once.

How do I get involved?

To participate in this study you must fill it in before midnight on 10th April 2020

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