The aim of the awards are to recognise members who have contributed to the paramedic profession and the College of Paramedics progression. For more detail please read  ‘Awards Guidance ’.

Awards categories:
The Roland Furber Award
The Carol Furber Award
The John Hinds Scholarship Award

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The Roland Furber Award is presented in memory of the late Roland Furber, a man of integrity, commitment, and passion to whom the paramedic profession owes a great debt. He worked tirelessly and unselfishly for the profession and the professional body. He was the first Chief Executive of the British Paramedic Association – College of Paramedics and was the third President of the College of Paramedics until his untimely death.



The Carol Furber Award is presented in memory of the late Carol Furber who contributed so much to the College. The prime purpose of the award is to encourage members of the College of Paramedics to make case study presentations. This will promote reflection on professional practice and enable the results and experience to be presented to the wider profession and other health care practitioners.


This Scholarship Award is presented in memory of the late Dr John Hinds, a man held in high regard as an inspirational leader by Paramedics/EMTs and indeed anyone with an interest in prehospital care in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Dr Hinds selflessly gave a huge amount of his own time to educating and supporting paramedics and ambulance staff on the island of Ireland and a scholarship for those colleagues is a fitting and practical way to preserve their memory of such a well-respected colleague and medical professional.

The College is honoured to administer and present this scholarship award on behalf of Dr Hinds’ family, friends and colleagues, and does so in association with Galen and the ATACC Group.

Awards Timeline

• Download the forms from our website from 1st November 2023

• Closure for ALL entry forms (Awards) is 4pm Monday 12th February 2024

• Successful Awards are contacted by the 10th March 2024

• Unsuccessful entries will be informed by 24th March 2024

• The Awards will be presented on the evening of 22nd May 2024