Wellbeing App 

 All our members have free access to our Wellbeing App. This app will help you get an accurate picture of your mental wellbeing, increase your self-awareness, support your healthy habits and track your progress over time. All at your own pace. When we have good mental health, we can manage the demands of our life easier, and support our patients and families to the best of our ability. The College of Paramedics wellbeing app is powered by 87%. 87% is a partner organisation and a team of experts in psychology and technology that have come together to design and create an app to provide the insights necessary to measure, understand and improve mental wellbeing. Other organisations that use a version of this app are the Royal College of Emergency Medicine and the London Ambulance Service.

To access this member benefit go to the 'Communication Preferences' section of your member login profile and select the ‘Access to Wellbeing App’ option button. Please take this opportunity to ensure all of your details are correct and up to date in your member profile. You will then receive (please allow 48 hours) a personal invite to the email address that we hold for you, with information on how to download and register with the app. If you don’t receive the registration invite, please go back to your College of Paramedics member login and check the email address that we hold for you is correct and that the ‘Access to Wellbeing App’ option button is selected.

Once you have received the invite, all the information you need to register is there, including a support email address that you can use to contact 87% if you encounter any difficulties registering for the app.

In line with GDPR requirements we have a data sharing agreement with 87% and we will only share the minimum amount of your data. This includes your name and email address. Also for demographic monitoring purposes and app evaluation processes we will also share your year of birth, your region and whether you are a full, student or associate member of the College of Paramedics. When you register for the app you do have the ability to register with a different email address to the one that we hold for you, if this is your preference. For more information on 87% and to read their privacy policy, click here.