Paramedics mentioned in General Election manifesto


The Liberal Democrats were the first major party to launch their general election manifesto on the 10th of June,  For A Fair Deal makes several key health promises, including “Freeing up GPs’ time by giving more prescribing rights and public health advisory services to qualified pharmacists, nurse practitioners and paramedics”.
Health is devolved, which means any health policy pledges would apply only to England. 
Other commitments include an increase in public spending (UK wide), an ambition to reach net zero by 2045, recognise non-binary identities in law and ban conversion therapy, and to seek to rejoin the Single Market.  

The College of Paramedics shared its own manifesto with all political parties earlier this year. 
We’ve put together a template email for members to share our manifesto with candidates, this can be found here.

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We will share highlights from the other political party manifestos as they are published.