College of Paramedics General Election Resources


Following the recent announcement of the General Election 2024 – which will take place on the 4th of July. We’ve prepared a selection of useful information and links.

On 4 July polling stations will be open between 07:00 and 22:00 

If you have registered, you can vote…
• In person at a polling station 
• Apply for a postal vote (deadline is 17:00 Wednesday 19 June)
• Or you can nominate a proxy, someone to vote on your behalf. You and your proxy must both be registered to vote (deadline 17:00 Wednesday 26 June)

If you are working a shift on 4 July don’t forget you can apply for a postal vote

The College of Paramedics published our manifesto back in February, with 9 keys issues we are engaging with politicians on.

Coming soon – we’ll be sharing summaries and analysis of political party manifestos

Please get in in touch if you need more information or have further suggestions 
Mandy Powell, Policy & Public Affairs

Some useful links

• Register to vote
• Find your MP
• Since May 2023, voters have to show a valid form of photo ID at polling stations to vote in person at a general election. Click here for the list of acceptable forms of ID -