Fourteen Fish e-Portfolio for Primary Care Paramedics


Dear Colleagues,

The College of Paramedics is delighted to announce that we have developed a paramedic specific e-portfolio for you to use as an individually focused resource. After a number of our focus groups identified the need for such an opportunity and following a review of the available e-portfolio possibilities, we choose to collaborate with Fourteen Fish. The portfolio enables you to collate all your post-graduate learning conveniently into one single database, which you can use to assist in demonstrating your progression along your chosen career pathway.

Initially it has been designed as a stepped approach for primary care paramedics including the clinical competencies required for the first contact practitioner (FCP) roadmap. As Fourteen Fish is the e-portfolio that most GPs use, this subsequently makes the supervisory requirements of the FCP roadmap easy to navigate for supervising GPs, which was also confirmed during the pilot/test phase. The format of the portfolio allows all paramedics working towards these goals to map their own individual journey, whether via a formal or a portfolio route, to achieve the same goal.

Once you have completed your FCP portfolio, you will be able to simply convert your e-portfolio to an appraisal account to then demonstrate your ongoing CPD and development. The paramedic specific appraisal account will be released this summer. This format will be particularly useful for advanced practitioners looking to demonstrate their progression through a portfolio route. You can edit your job title as your progress and log entries to the four pillars of advanced practice. The e-portfolio can also help you to identify areas that you may not have done as much learning, therefore providing ideas for your future development.

The next phase of the e-portfolio is the addition of the common capabilities for paramedics working in other non-traditional clinical environments, firstly for paramedics working in urgent care settings such as walk in centres or out of hours. We also have plans in place to add the capabilities for other clinical areas, particularly where frameworks already exist.  Our aspiration is that paramedics can map their entire career trajectory after completion of newly qualified paramedic all the way to consultant practitioner, or wherever else your path may take you, on this simple to use and paramedic specific e-portfolio.
Members of the College will need to create a ‘Fourteen Fish’ account to access the e-portfolio Join: College of Paramedics - FourteenFish

I hope you find it useful, do get in touch with me at if you have any questions,

Ben Baker, Workforce Reform Support Officer