The British Paramedic Journal

By Graham McClelland MCPara, Editor, British Paramedic Journal, College of Paramedics. 

The British Paramedic Journal (BPJ) is a peer-reviewed, academic journal owned by the College of Paramedics. It was launched in 2016 with the aim of publishing research relevant to paramedic practice, improving the evidence base and raising the profile of paramedic-led research. The BPJ was inspired by other academic medical journals run by, or supported by, professional bodies such as the Emergency Medicine Journal and the Royal College of Emergency Medicine. 

As the BPJ is run by the College of Paramedics it is provided free to all members as a member benefit. College members can access the journal via the College website or via the BPJ website and download whole issues or search for individual articles. What is pleasing for us to see is that the number of views and downloads goes up issue by issue which hopefully indicates that people are seeing the journal as a useful resource. 

One of the other reasons the journal was set up was to provide an outlet for the growing body of work produced by paramedics doing research, both as part of a qualification and as part of dedicated research projects. The BPJ wants to publish high quality research which influences practice, and we also want to be the place that new researchers and first-time authors can come to and be supported as they develop a first paper for publication. The editorial team is there not only to run the journal and review papers but also to help and offer feedback and advice if needed. 

For people considering publishing with us we would suggest having a good look at the BPJ website as there is guidance on there for authors and what the BPJ requirements are. We would also suggest looking at previous papers we have published as these will offer insight into structure, format and style which might be helpful. If you are unsure of anything please get in touch with us and we will try and help you. 

As the journal grows and there is more research generated relevant to paramedics’ practice, both here in the UK and abroad, we are getting more and more submissions which can only be good for the journal and the profession. 

The BPJ is developing alongside the paramedic profession and as the evidence base grows and more research is led by paramedics, or involves paramedics, we will hopefully see the journal continue to flourish. We receive and publish research papers, quality improvement projects, letters, case studies and other forms of work. Publishing your work is not only good for you as an author but also allows other people to build on your work which hopefully leads to better informed paramedics and better patient care at the end of the day.