Egg Timer Model Application to Crew Resource Management

Egg Timer Model Application to Crew Resource Management
Part 3 of 3 - In-depth exploration of the Egg Timer Model by Sam Willis.

In this session Sam Willis will explore in-depth the application of the Egg Timer Model to a scenario, providing suggestions on how it’ll empower crews to work more efficiently to improve patient care.

The Egg Timer Model is a theoretical construct that provides a cognitive and visual representation of how paramedic crew members should aim to bring their thinking and actions in line when managing cases. It gives a valuable visual representation of the potential for a difference of opinion between clinicians, which may result in a disagreement pathway, ending in conflict between crew members and potentially to a negative impact on patient care and patient safety.   The model suggests using clear communication along with maintaining a cohesive working relationship through considering human factors and applying CRM techniques to lead to the best patient care outcome.

Sam recently co-authored (with Dr Tom Mallinson) the paper ‘The Zero Point survey and Egg Timer model combined for crew management’ in the Journal of Paramedic Practice.  See:

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28/04/2021 10:00 - 11:00