Sexual Harassment and Inappropriate Behaviours Webinar

Sexual Harassment and Inappropriate Behaviours Webinar
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This is the fifth and final webinar in a five-part series exploring the topic of sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviours in the workplace. 

In the previous webinars we provided guidance about how to feel empowered to speak up and try to resolve issues of inappropriate behaviour informally. However, sometimes, formal action is required. In this webinar we will focus on the legal protections and formal routes available to employees who are facing harassment or bullying in the workplace. 

Free to attend and open to everyone 
CPD certificates provided.

PLEASE NOTE: The link above will take you to a booking page provided by Brabners. You will need to provide your contact details for the purpose of registration. All information provided will be kept confidential. During the live webinar, the speakers will present to the audience and attendees will not be able to hear, see or speak to each other. Any questions asked prior to or during the session will be answered on an anonymous basis and will not be attributed to you. 

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19/05/2022 10:00 - 11:00