JRCALC 2021: What's New and What's Next?

JRCALC 2021:  What's New and What's Next?

JRCALC Study Day 2021  - What's New and What's Next?
This is an important event for all paramedics, offering a unique opportunity to engage with the leaders and authors of the UK Clinical Practice Guidelines 2021. 

Would you be prepared to record yourself asking a question to the JRCALC panel, posing a view, challenging a guideline, or maybe this could be an opportunity to raise new emerging evidence? As the study day on 18th November will be hosted virtually, we are keen to make it interactive and include your contributions. We would love you to form part of the discussion on the day.

Submissions need to be pre-recorded and sent to us as a MP4 file: please start with your name and where you work, followed by the question or issue you wish to raise. There is no time limit but please remember, if we can use your recording it may reach a large audience of fellow students and professionals......
Which Guidelines do you find most useful? Which guideline is the most difficult to follow? What should JRCALC focus on next?  
Please email events@collegeofparamedics to find out more or if you need any help recording your submission. Deadline for submissions is Monday 18th October 2021.

The facilitators and panel hosting the study day will do their best to use your submission, cover the topics you raise and provide answers wherever possible, however make no commitment or guarantee to do so. If your submission is not used, we will endeavour to get back to you but this may be dependent on the number of submissions we receive. 


18/11/2021 09:00 - 17:00