CPD Event - Medical: Hypertension

CPD Event - Medical: Hypertension
Presented by Dr Sanjay Gupta, Cardiology Consultant at York Teaching Hospital, this session will focus on ‘what is hypertension?’ and ‘when should we be concerned?’  Dr Gupta will discuss the nature of hypertension and management strategies including lifestyle changes, primary care referrals and when to seek hospital admission. 

This event is the second of two Medical presentations by Dr Gupta with the first on Saturday 5th December. Please see the separate event listing to register to attend.

Dr Gupta’s blog and website offer a wealth of good learning related to heart and cardiovascular health.  See https://drsanjayguptacardiologist.com

This session has been organised by our Yorkshire colleagues and will be delivered virtually via Zoom.

12/12/2020 10:00 - 11:00