Peer Support Virtual Meet-Ups/Peer Group Cafe

Peer Support Virtual Meet-Ups/Peer Group Cafe
Where: Online via zoom - so are accessible wherever in the country you are.
Every Tuesday from March 12th to May 14th 2024, running from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm
Drop in meet ups, come along when you can. Flexible to shift work. 
Who can attend: This provision is for FULL members of the College of Paramedics only
Hosted by Doctors in Distress, a charity supporting healthcare workers. 
How to book: Please book through the Eventbrite link below
As part of our commitment to paramedic psychological wellbeing, we are pleased to launch this Peer support virtual meet-up as part of our Rejuvenate. Thrive. Breathe. wellness programme. This programme is funded by the Covid Healthcare Support Appeal.

Are you feeling overwhelmingly tired or emotionally drained, or feel that your job isn't giving you the satisfaction that it once did? Are you feeling that the pressures of work are stacking up and you're getting little rest, or perhaps you're no longer able to switch off your thoughts and get to sleep at night? Maybe you're experiencing a new feeling - a background anxiousness that you just can't quite place. Or, perhaps you've become aware that your relationships with others don't seem to be what they were.

Whether these feelings are at the edge of your awareness or impacting you to a greater degree, the one thing that we know that helps to reduce their effects is sharing our experiences and have the support of those who are sailing the same ship; our peers. In fact, the moment people feel heard by those who have shared experiences, is when they begin to feel understood. 

From March 12th until May 14th 2024, we will be running an online confidential peer group café for members who are feeling the pressures of their role. Led by a trained facilitator who knows these pressures, the groups will provide a confidential and safe space to meet up, to share, connect and find support with peers who understand the challenges you face. 

The meet-up's are flexible with a drop-in style format that allows you to attend around your schedule, for as long or as little time as you'd like. 

Please do not try to book through the normal booking link but instead more details about these meet up's are available here: Peer Support Group for Paramedics Tickets, Multiple Dates | Eventbrite

To find out more about the provider of these sessions, Doctors in Distress, please visit
12/03/2024 12:30 - 14/05/2024 13:30