UK Student Paramedic Conference

UK Student Paramedic Conference
The UK Student Paramedic Conference (UKSPC) is an established event, organised by the College of Paramedics, which attracts 300 student paramedics from around the country to attend and participate in a one day learning experience tailored especially for the paramedics of the future. 

Due to these uncertain times we have decided that the conference this year will be a virtual event which we hope will still maintain the aim of our moto of ‘Bridging the gap between education and practice’.
Bringing together inspirational speakers from across a wide range of subjects, to foster learning and innovation and provoke conversations that can be taken back into education and practice, the virtual platform will also offer you the opportunity to attend this FREE conference from your own home.

e-UKSPC is an event organised by students for students and will be taking place on Saturday 7th November 2020.

Speakers include: 
Dr Ron Daniels, Executive Director, UK Sepsis Trust @SepsisUK

The COVID Student Paramedic Generation: Will they "crash and burn” or “turn and burn"? 
Andy Thomas, Director, Cipher Medical  @andythomas135
Andy will explore the potential impact of COVID-19 on the student paramedic both in terms of changing learning styles, increased remote contact from universities, significant reduced patient contact time, and the fear that may develop due to unexpected change in training. He will also explore the potential impact on student paramedics looking at imposter syndrome and how that will impact the COVID Generation NQP. The presentation will also touch on the relevance of this for transition into practice.

Going beyond the HOT Principles
Alex Ulrich, Advanced Paramedic Practitioner- Critical Care Senior Lecturer, Paramedic Science @alex_ulrich1
The ‘HOT’ principles offer clinicians managing patients in traumatic cardiac arrest an easy to remember group of priorities to address reversible causes of traumatic cardiac arrest. This lecture will offer insight into managing these patients in the real world, giving clinician’s tips for understanding the physiology and patient in front of them, in order to prioritise clinical interventions. 

Alex has over 13 years’ experience working in prehospital care and has been an Advanced Paramedic Practitioner in Critical Care for the London Ambulance Service (LAS) for the last five years. Alongside this, Alex holds a Senior Lecturer position at the University of Hertfordshire within the Paramedic Science team. Alex has an MSc in Paramedic Science and for her research dissertation, looked into why there were fewer women in Critical Care roles within the ambulance service. Alex also has a keen interest in Syncope, Resuscitation and Trauma. The interest for trauma care was developed as a result of a one year secondment as a flight paramedic with London’s Air Ambulance in 2019. In her spare time, Alex enjoys playing rugby, travel, walking her fox hound ‘Ralph’ and exploring the great outdoors. 

Please look out for speaker announcements on social media.

07/11/2020 10:00 - 15:40