Jarek Mielcarz

Retrieval transfer organisation 

Job Title: 
Medical Case Manager
Place of Work: 
AIG Travel, Brighton UK

What does your job include?
We have a global medical team, which enables us to deliver travel medical assistance over the phone to our customers around the clock. All medical assistance is overseen by our Global Medical Director based in Houston, Texas. Under his direction we also have Regional Medical Directors, based in Kuala Lumpur and the United Kingdom, as well as physicians in Houston, the United Kingdom, China and Kuala Lumpur. Because our centres are fully integrated from a systems perspective, we work as a true “virtual” team. A case opened in one centre can be fully accessed and managed by a physician, paramedic or nurse in another. My role is to help clients address their medical needs with expediency and expert care when they are travelling away from home.

This can involve anything from:
In-patient and out-patient medical case monitoring
Working with the local treating medical team to ensure the best medical outcome for our customer
Planning medical repatriations in accordance to Aviation Medicine and International Travel Guidelines
Coordinating Emergency medical evacuation transportation assistance such as Air Ambulance evacuations
Interacting with the customer or their family in relation to their medical assistance case or medical condition
Arranging admissions in destination country following the repatriation or evacuation 

How did you get into your role?
I graduated from Silesian Medical University in Poland in 2004 and the following year submitted my dissertation on diving accidents and obtained a bachelor degree in Paramedic Science. Over the next thirteen years I worked across Europe as a paramedic for the Major Trauma Centre, Paediatric ER, Neonatal Ambulance, Emergency Dispatch and the Ambulance Services. I started work as a Medical Case Manager for AIG Travel in 2018. I speak Polish and Spanish.

What do you think is the most important benefit of being a member of the College of Paramedics, and why?
CPD opportunities are the most important benefit for me. I really value the conferences and webinars – I feel that they have massively improved over the last 2 years and I really enjoy being a part of the audience.