College of Paramedics Strategy 2019-2024

College of Paramedics Vision

To inspire and enable all paramedics to participate in the profession within an environment based on safety, collegiality, inclusiveness, mental and physical wellbeing and innovation.

College of Paramedics Strategy 2019 - 2024

The College of Paramedics’ strategic aims are to:

  • Leadership - Shape the Future of the Paramedic Profession
  • Excellence - Promote Excellence in Paramedic Practice
  • Membership - Grow an Engaged Membership
  • Wellbeing - Support Paramedic Health and Wellbeing
  • Strength - Strengthen the Organisation

These aims are integral to our five year Strategy, which will further the College of Paramedics charitable objects, laid out in its governing document, the Articles of Association, over the next five years. Strategy implementation is overseen by our Board of Trustees.

The full Strategy 2019 - 2024 was launched at the National Conference in Newcastle on 14th and 15th May 2019.


The College of Paramedics is committed to:

  • Equality; the thoughts, ideas and perspectives of all individuals matter, providing a sense of belonging, 
  • Diversity; the presence and recognition of difference within the organisation and the profession, 
  • Inclusion; every individual having equal access and opportunity to fulfil their professional and personal potential, and 
  • Wellbeing; physical, mental, social, spiritual, intellectual and economic wellness for all.

This commitment is the fuel for the creation of our first Belonging and Inclusion Strategy, which details the approach and tangible actions that we will take, embedded in the five Strategic Aims of the College; Leadership, Excellence, Membership, Wellbeing and Strength.

Due to the impetus to make a significant difference in a short time frame, this is a 12 month action-based strategy. It is designed for ongoing yearly review of achievements and the setting of objectives as we continue along our belonging and inclusion journey.


As the College of Paramedics grows and implements the 2019-2024 strategy the structure will develop into directorates. These directorates will work closely with one another and have particular roles and functions and specific areas of responsibility, aligned with the aims of the Strategy. 

As the College grows, each Directorate will be led by a full time ‘Head of’ role, who will be a senior employee, working closely with the Chief Executive. Some of these senior employees are already in place, putting into action the strategic aims of the College.