London Candidates
Peter Turner-Wells

Hello! My name is Peter Turner-Wells, and I am a first-year student paramedic at the University of Greenwich, Avery Hill. I am a first year once again, previously studying on the above course in September 2017, completing the year. Unfortunately, I had to leave the course due to a family situation.  

One thing I am passionate about is being an advocate for everybody having a voice and opportunity to be able to express their opinion and fulfil their own professional and personal potential – this is where I feel I would excel as a regional representative for London.  

I am a strong believer in actively listening to what I am being told; giving time to think about how ideas can be moulded so that they can be implemented, rather than thinking about the potential impracticality of them. That is how I will ensure your views are represented.  

Outside of being a student paramedic, I play American football at the university and have aspirations to one day joining the armed forces as a paramedic. The game of American football is one of reactiveness and tweaking of plans to the game being played in front of you, whilst being engaged physically by the opposition. This goes hand in hand with our chosen profession, albeit with hopefully less violence! As a paramedic, you must be able to perform certain tasks whilst maintaining a situational awareness and reacting to any changes in the patient’s condition. Finally, in American Football you have to trust that your teammates do their job so you can focus on yours, similar to paramedicine. Coming from a military family, I have constantly been drilled on the importance of punctuality, presentability and professionalism, all expected characteristics of regional representatives as per the requirements of the college.  

Now that I have highlighted the comparisons between my hobbies and our future careers, how will a vote for me benefit our region? You will notice, I have not mentioned what I will strive to change at all. Right now, I am not sure what needs to change, not until I speak to you all collectively as your representative. I am not looking to be elected to try and implement my own personal changes, I am looking to be elected to present the region’s. Politics are not my forte; I believe actions speak louder than words, but what I will promise is your voice and opinion on how to positively develop the student and college relationship will be heard.  

The college’s slogan is: “developing the paramedic profession”, and as the college acknowledge –we are the future of the profession. Together as a region we can all strive to build a stronger professional body; whereby we embrace London’s unique diversity levels and use it to not only to promote excellence within the profession, but to all be proud of what we have helped to build. A vote for me to be the regional representative will ensure we all have the chance to contribute.  

Thank you for reading!