Eastern Candidate

Joshua Thorn

I feel that I would be a perfect fit for the role as Student Council as I am passionate, dedicated and determined to empower other student Paramedics and future students to become Paramedics and help shape the next generation of healthcare professionals.  I feel that my background as a BAME student would inspire more people within the BAME community to participate in the College of Paramedics and hopefully encourage more of the BAME community to enrol into the role of becoming a Paramedic as well as the wider community of Healthcare Professionals.  I have first-hand seen the disadvantages of having a hidden disability and being a BAME student regarding physical contact with patients as well as essay required modules. I am conscious of how this can affect confidence levels and change the whole experience for a student at university.  

Unfortunately, when I started university, I was a student during, COVID. Due to this I am aware of how challenging it was to study solo, with no previous experience of this level of study, not meeting any lectures face to face for the first year, all lectures and exams via zoom and having to write essays with a lack of support. Has made me more resilient and helped shaped me as Student Paramedic. 
Whilst I am enjoying being back at university full time and have a face-to-face teaching approach, I can understand how some students are struggling with this. During my placement experience I was very aware of how patients’ mental health has decreased since my first placement. Whilst the media made us aware of how depressed and lonely a lot of the UK population had become, I underestimated how many patients were in fact struggling to get back to day to day life and going back to the office, university or events.  

Being a second year Paramedic student, I have overcome challenges and hurdles whilst on placement and at university. I can relate to other students who have found this challenging due to this I can show a sympathetic and caring attitude towards helping them and am dedicated to helping future students have an easier time with any struggles they may encounter whilst on placement or at university.   

Alongside my studies I have worked within my local A&E department and have encountered many student Paramedics. I have been fortunate enough to talk to a wide range of people from all ages and from all sorts of backgrounds. I have seen the pressures from both the hospital and ambulance service point of view.