Chair of Student Council 2022

Amy Hobbs 

My name is Amy Hobbs and I am a third year Student Paramedic at the University of Hertfordshire. Through the Chair role, I am excited to continue the development of the Student Paramedic Council and to help to unlock the potential that the Council has in shaping the future of the paramedic profession. Over this last year I have been supporting students as the Eastern representative of the Student Council. I have very much enjoyed representing the voices of students in the national meetings and liaising with members of the wider College to initiate conversations around subjects pivotal to student welfare, creating positive action. 
Throughout my role as Eastern representative, I have learnt the intricacies of the structure of the College of Paramedics and how I can best utilise this to aid students. The experience and professional relationships that I have developed whilst working as Eastern representative will be invaluable to maximising the Student Council’s potential over the next year.  
As a member of the Student Leadership Programme, I am being actively mentored to reflect on my abilities, goals and understanding of what it is to lead and to work alongside others. This experience will allow me to be highly conscientious as Chair of the Student Council, ensuring that I am supporting students to the best of my ability. I was also granted attendance at the Ambulance Leadership Forum this year, which has provided me an insight into how the College of Paramedics is interrelated to other organisations; also highlighting both the developments and issues at the forefront of paramedicine.  
At the beginning of this academic year, I have been delivering presentations to the universities. This has been extremely rewarding to engage with the student population, something that I would like to increase. The decisions facing the world of paramedicine will directly affect student paramedics, and it is therefore paramount that students are represented effectively. 
Moreover, I maintain and develop my awareness and understanding of contemporary nationwide issues. I have done this through maximising my involvement on the Student Paramedic Council; working to organise the UK Student Paramedic Conference, volunteering in the UK Paramedic Conference and working within task groups in the wider college. In addition, in 2020-21 I have Co-chaired the EEAST learner reference group. This has provided me with invaluable understanding of how to effectively chair official meetings.  
Outside of the paramedic profession, I am working within the Special Constabulary, which has developed my understanding of the broader scope of the emergency services and the role which paramedicine takes. My development in this role has built my resilience and has enabled me to be comfortable with increased responsibility. 
I am also into my second term as a mentor for the University of Hertfordshire Student Paramedic Society, providing a perspective of both new and returning paramedic science students. 
Over this past year, the Student Council has developed rapidly. I endeavour to continue to nurture, consolidate and develop upon the fantastic foundations that have been built this last year.