Whether you are here to find out about standing for a role on the Paramedic Council or looking for guidance on how to vote you will find it here. 


The Paramedic Council contains 13 member representatives positions, representing 12 geographical areas (nations/regions) as well as military and overseas members. The geographical regions are well recognised nationally and are mirrored in the College of Paramedics Student Council structure. 

We currently have 4 vacant positions and these are open for candidates to stand to be a member representative for the following nations/regions: 
- Scotland,
- Northern Ireland,
- North East,
- West Midlands

Download the Member Representative Role Description.


Your region is predominantly related to the geographical location you live or work in and are based on the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) used by the National Office of Statistics and others.

The nations of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are of course clear.

Those members in the military and members registered in the UK but practicing outside of the UK borders, are within the Military and Overseas sector. 

Members should log in to the College website and go to their member profile, located in the Member Hub, where they can ensure they are allocated the most appropriate region/sector. This will then be the one you can stand within, be represented within and be active within as a member.

Should you choose to stand for member representative and be successful, your role on the Paramedic Council will be the representative voice of your colleagues in that nation/region/sector.



If you would like to stand as a candidate for Member Representative for Scotland, Northern Ireland, the North East or West Midlands then you should download and read the Paramedic Council Election Guidance document.  This should provide all the information that you need and outline how to put yourself forward as a candidate. We advise you to thoroughly read the Member Representative Role Description , as your candidate statement should take into account the requirements set out in this document, as well as inspire your fellow members to vote for you. Please do think about all your past experiences and any transferable skills and knowledge that could be useful to you in this role.
To stand as a candidate involves completion of a Microsoft Form, which includes a 500 (max) word candidate statement and four nominators from within your region. It is recommended that candidates also submit a photo of themselves. A link to the form and further information can be found in the Paramedic Council Election Guidance.

The College of Paramedics welcomes and encourages full members of all backgrounds to stand as candidates. 

The College of Paramedics recognises the need and inherent benefit of diversity and inclusion within the organisation and amongst its representatives, is committed to equal opportunities in appointment and employment, and seeks to eliminate unlawful discrimination, including racial, sexual or disability discrimination, to promote equality of opportunity and good relations between all.

The College of Paramedics welcomes and encourages candidates from people of all backgrounds. However, we would like to increase the diversity in terms of race, ethnicity and cultural heritage within the Board of Trustees, the Paramedic Council, the Student Council, and the employed staff of the College so we would particularly welcome candidates from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds.


Information on candidates will be available here.

Voting is available for all full members in the region/sector where a position is contested. All eligible voting members will receive an email from Civica Election Services (CES). If you cannot find the email you should:

1. Search your inbox for an email from takepart@cesvotes.com with subject: 2021 Paramedic Council Elections.
2. Email support@cesvotes.com to request a reissue, being sure to mention it’s for the College of Paramedics 2021 Paramedic Council Elections.
3. Request an automatic reissue via: CES Votes 
        For this process, you will need to enter the email address that we have registered to you in our database.
4. Check that we have the correct email address for you by checking your profile at Member login.
5. If you are still unable to find an email and believe that you should have received one, please contact: penny.jones@collegeofparamedics.co.uk.

The CES Report of Voting will be posted on our website for all elections, to provide clarity and transparency.


If you are an associate member, your member representative sits on the Paramedic Council for you as well as for full members. Member groups and networks will be developed in each region/sector which will be open to all members and will need the involvement of members of all categories. Please watch out for opportunities to get involved.


If you are a student paramedic, your member representative sits on the Paramedic Council for you as well as for full members and associate member. However, the Student Council is also there as a platform for the student member. Read more about our Student Council.