Government invites views on tackling major conditions in England


The Department of Health and Social Care has launched a Call for Evidence, to ensure that its Major Conditions Strategy is underpinned by evidence and informed by a broad set of views on the priority areas for action. The government is particularly interested in hearing from those who suffer from, care for or provide treatment to people who suffer from multiple long-term conditions as this is crucial to delivering a strategy that tackles England’s burden of disease.

The Major Conditions Strategy was first announced in January, bringing together evidence to help tackle the major conditions, which contribute to the burden of diseases in England: cancers, cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, dementia, mental ill health and musculoskeletal disorders. As well as addressing these conditions, it will focus on “multimorbidity,” or the presence of two or more long-term conditions, and how this impacts morbidity, life expectancy and pressure on the health system at large. The strategy will also focus on health inequalities in England, exploring how the government can assist Integrated Care Systems to ensure they are tackling disadvantages in their local areas, addressing variations in health outcomes and care. The Call for Evidence has been opened to help identify the key evidence gaps and priority areas for the strategy and will be open for 6 weeks until Tuesday 27th June.

To share your views please go to: Major conditions strategy: call for evidence - GOV.UK (