UK Student Paramedic Conference 2021

UK Student Paramedic Conference 2021
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The UK Student Paramedic Conference (UKSPC) ‘Bridging the gap between education and practice’.

Bringing together inspirational speakers from across a wide range of subjects, to foster learning and innovation and provoke conversations that can be taken back into education and practice,
e-UKSPC is an event organised by students for students and will be taking place on Saturday 6th November 2021.
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Keynote Speaker James Yates
- Specialist Paramedic Critical Care, Advanced Paramedic Neonatal Transport, Great Western Air Ambulance Charity, Newborn Emergency Stabilisation and Transport Team 
Paramedics: Say hello, wave goodbye? 
During his presentation James will touch on the challenges facing the profession but will counter this by discussing the unrivalled opportunities and potential that currently exist for Paramedics. This journey through the possibilities will be contextualised through his own experiences and focussing on the career pathways of colleagues.

Charles Till- Head of Clinical Improvement and Development, East Midlands Ambulance Service 
ECG Mythbusting
The session will include several bite-size snapshots, focusing on a variety of fallacies, pitfalls and potential knowledge gaps in ECG interpretation with an aim of providing tips and helping you to improve your ECG interpretation skills. Topics will include Acute Coronary Syndrome, Narrow Complex Tachycardia and more.

Mahdiyah Zaynab Bandali - 
ED&I: The Strength of “Difficult conversations” 
Mahdiyah will be exploring how to overcome what we may label an “awkward” conversation between patients or colleagues that may not look like us and why these conversations are pivotal in breaking down the barriers in our understanding. 

Will Broughton Associate Professor of Paramedic Science, Buckinghamshire New University 
Cognitive bias 
A short tour of decision making, critical thinking and the cognitive biases that can affect our clinical practice. We will define some common biases and think about strategies to avoid or overcome cognitive bias in clinical practice.

Sam Thompson - Senior Lecturer in Paramedic Science, St Georges, University of London. Author: JRCALC guidelines in sexual assault
Sexual Assault – a time to care.
Sam Thompson raises awareness of the myths surrounding Rape and Sexual Assault and how you can avoid fundamental pitfalls so destructive and damaging to these victims.

Tony Cavanagh - 
Paramedic Specialist Practitioner, Wandsworth PCN
The After (Reg’) Life…
The registration we all aim for as a student is no longer the end of the road. Paramedics are no longer confined to a big yellow van, and being called 'Ambulance Drivers'… The profession has developed so you can work almost anywhere! But just how do you get there? 

Junaid Mughal - Advanced Paramedic Practitioner – Critical Care, London Ambulance Service
Recognition of life extinct (ROLE), when should you ROLE in your role?
Brief session discussing the recognition of life extinct procedure for ambulance clinicians, and explore the indications, as well as some of the challenges and pitfalls.
Dolly McPherson - Advanced Clinical Practitioner, University Hospital Southampton
Major Trauma in the Older Person

What is major trauma in the older person? How does it differ from ‘traditional’ major trauma? How can it be identified pre-hospital? What should be done once identified?

Andy Thomas - CEO & Consultant Paramedic of CIPHER Medical Consultancy Limited
The Hogwarts Adventure, How crew resource management keeps Harry alive: Applying this to Paramedic Practice
A ‘Hogwarts Express’ tour of the logistical challenges of crew resource management alongside trick, tips and experience to positively affect patient outcome.  

Speaker Bios
Key note Speaker - James Yates 
@heli_med_james   @theresusroom
James has taken a meandering course through his career to date, but the breadth of his experiences serves as a great example of the potential opportunities that paramedicine holds. Alongside his clinical roles, James is also well known for being a co-host of The Resus Room podcast series. 

Charles Till @paracharlie 
Charlie is the Head of Clinical Improvement and Development within the Medical Directorate at East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust. 

His previous professional experience includes the education of student paramedics as a Senior Lecturer and as a Paramedic Education Specialist within Higher Education Institutions and the NHS. He also has experience as a Paramedic Practitioner and Practice Educator. He continues to work clinically within the medical directorate and has gained experience in several NHS ambulance services across the UK, including London Ambulance Service NHS Trust, the Scottish Ambulance Service, and South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust. He also works closely with Class Professional Publishing on several projects, including authoring the ECG textbook ‘Clinical ECGs in Paramedic Practice’ which will publish later this year. Charlie entered the profession as a graduate paramedic with a FdSc in Paramedic Science from the University of Northampton. He holds a BSc in Healthcare Practice and a PgC in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. He is currently reading for an MSc in Internal Medicine with Edinburgh University (2019–2022).

Mahdiyah Zaynab Bandali  @HijabiParamedic
Mahdiyah Bandali works as a Paramedic in multiple areas of the NHS from Primary Care to Frontline Services and is a Visiting Lecturer in Student Paramedic university education. Alongside this, Mahdiyah is a columnist for the Journal of Paramedic Practice and an active member of the College of Paramedics and the British Islamic Medical Association.
During her time in the Ambulance Service, Mahdiyah became very passionate in advocating for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion after experiencing discrimination and islamophobia. Hence, she regularly uses her voice through social media in raising awareness of discrimination and has since been recognised by the Huffington Post and Metro news publishers.  As a Muslim, Mahdiyah is also very passionate in promoting awareness of religion and culture and has worked closely with several mosques and community centres within England to teach basic life support and first aid skills. 


Will Broughton @WilBroughton

Will is an Associate Professor of Paramedic Science and Programme Lead for the BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science at Buckinghamshire New University. He qualified as a paramedic in 2013 from the University of Hertfordshire and continues to work clinically in London and the South Central regions of the UK. Will is a paramedic expert witness, reviewing medico-legal cases and providing opinions to the court. He is also a Trustee and Fellow of the College of Paramedics.


Sam Thompson  @ambusam
Sam Thompson is a Forensic Paramedic and a Senior Lecturer in Paramedic Science at St Georges, University of London. Specialising in the care of patients who have been raped or sexually assaulted, she is the author of the Joint Royal Colleges Ambulance Liaison Committee national guidelines on sexual assault and is a speaks internationally on this subject across all medical disciplines. Sam has been published in academic journals and her podcasts can be found online. She represents the College of Paramedics on the Inter Collegiate and Agencies Domestic Violence Abuse national forum and sits on the Faculty of Forensic Medicine Academic Committee. 


Tony Cavanagh @tonycav22
Tony is a registered Paramedic with a Paramedic Science BSc from St. George’s. He started in St. John Ambulance in 2012 as a first aider before completing his degree in 2019. During his medical career, he has been a clinician in lots of different environments from ambulance to cycle response and hospital avoidance rapid response team to out of hours NHS 111… even volunteering as a medic in Romania and Thailand too.
His current role is a Paramedic Specialist Practitioner in South West London, working across 6 GP surgeries and providing their home visits when needed on top of his in surgery clinics. 
He also owns an event medical and training company called EMATS who have now won 4 national training awards, and provides the medical cover for 1 in 4 licenced running events across the UK.

Outside of work, Tony enjoys going to the theatre, cycling, diving and Harry Potter with his current collection of 11 wands (so far!). He loves to travel and hopes one day to be able to explore every continent in the world! Just before the pandemic hit, he returned from a 3 month trip travelling South East Asia and Indonesia. 

Junaid Mughal @JunaidM_LAS
Junaid Joined the ambulance service at 18 as a student Paramedic with St Georges University in London. He has worked in a variety of setting since, including being a mentor, tutor, clinical hub, and now as an APP. He also lectures at a couple of local universities.

Junaid is passionate about developing the Paramedic profession, areas of keen interest are clinical education, critical care and reducing healthcare inequality and setting up a volunteer critical care charity (BASICs affiliated scheme) within Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. 
Dolly McPherson @MelindaDollyMcp
Melinda (Dolly) McPherson is an Advanced Clinical Practitioner at the University Hospital Southampton and a HEMS Paramedic with the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance. She is a degree paramedic with an MSc in Advanced Practice and is an independent prescriber. She has experience in the NHS across a number of environments including the ambulance service, minor injuries, the emergency department and within GP practices. She has an interest in reading and writing academic literature with previous publications in the Journal of Paramedic Practice and Standby CPD.

Andy Thomas
Andy Thomas is the CEO & Consultant Paramedic of CIPHER Medical Consultancy Limited and the company provides a wide range of NHS and Event clinical medical services and bespoke clinical and education solutions. Prior to this he served in the Royal Air Force (RAF) where he worked as a paramedic on the Medical Emergency Response Team, and his last role was as an academic research fellow for defence at James Cook University hospital. During this period, he published various publications and has continued to develop his academic portfolio.  He clinically works across a wide range of pre-hospital activity including critical care and event medicine.  He is the co-vice chairperson of the Faculty of Pre-hospital Care and is a member of the faculties training and standards board. 

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