College of Paramedics Publishes New Practice Educator Handbook



Paramedic Practice-Based Learning: A Handbook for Practice Educators and Facilitators
By Dr Vince Clarke MCPara, Trustee Official for Education


 The College of Paramedics, in a project funded by Health Education England, has reviewed and updated its Practice Educator publication, with the resultant ‘Paramedic Practice-Based Learning: A Handbook for Practice Educators and Facilitators’ published in November 2020.

This Handbook builds on the success of the College of Paramedics’ Practice Educator Guidance Handbook published in 2017. Some underpinning theory is explored in greater depth, with propositions for theoretical approaches to paramedic practice-based learning being presented, these having been drawn from the doctoral research undertaken by the editor. It also includes additional sections addressing the facilitation of practice-based learning for paramedics and the expectations of the College in relation to Practice Educator support and development. 

The importance of practice-based learning and Practice Educator development continues to be a key focus of the College at a time when increasing demand by the NHS is expanding not only the number of paramedics, but also opening exciting opportunities to expand the vocation and scope of practice of paramedicine way beyond the traditional boundaries of the ambulance service provision: Remember, not all paramedics wear green!

It is hoped that this new and revised book will continue to guide education providers, placement providers, employers, students, and paramedic practice educators in the delivery of safe and effective practice-based learning.

It is also designed to be a supportive tool for education providers who are currently delivering, or plan to deliver, paramedic education. It will set out the key components expected by the College of Paramedics to be included in Practice Educator development courses as well as discussing different approaches to the facilitation of practice-based learning in paramedic settings. 
The College will be providing, free of charge, hard copies of the book to all UK ambulance services so that they can be distributed to active practice educators as well as being a resource for the development of newly qualified paramedics as they progress into the role of Practice Educator.  

How to get your copy…

  1. Speak to your Trust - 16,000 have been delivered to all the UK ambulance services to be given out to practice educators. 

  2. Order your own copy from our Online Shop