Reflective Spaces: Paramedic Support Groups


The College of Paramedics recognises the incredible challenges associated with both working frontline during the pandemic, and being away from work through shielding, illness and for other reasons. This has been an extraordinary time, and we know from listening to our members and our colleagues, that it has brought personal difficulties, bereavement, heightened emotions and worries around the safety and health of family and colleagues, as well as requiring us to sometimes confront difficult ethical and moral decisions around providing care for patients. Working on the frontline, continues to be a testing time. 

Thanks to a funding grant made by the Covid Healthcare Support Appeal, the College is very pleased to be teaming up with Doctors in Distress, a charity dedicated to reducing stigma around psychological health within healthcare professionals, to provide two confidential support programmes for paramedics across the UK who have worked during the pandemic, or who have been away from work due to shielding, ill health, caring for others, pregnancy, for example. 

The bespoke programme will be facilitated by trained practitioners who are well-experienced in working confidentially with health professionals. Starting with an online webinar on 6th September to introduce the programme and hear from some inspirational speakers, the next eight weeks will provide a regular safe space for paramedics to share experiences within small groups, and offers opportunity to decompress and chat. A further webinar will be hosted at the final session. 

Benefits include; 
sharing experiences - you're not on your own
confidential support from those who understand your job and what it's been like
helping to 'lift' feelings that may have been weighing you down
learning about others' experiences and coping strategies 
talking about chronic conditions and ways people have coped (shielding group)
helping your fellow colleagues by supporting them 
it's a safe place, allowing you to have your experience heard and recognised

For more information about the programme and to sign up, please visit: