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Curriculum Guidance

Education is one of the keys to success in most walks of life. While this is not the exclusive component of a paramedic’s professional practice, it represents a fundamental and significantly important ingredient to equip them for the challenges presented by healthcare delivery in the 21st century.

The College of Paramedics is totally committed to leading the development of the paramedic profession. To this end it is essential that all those who are involved in the delivery of paramedic education and training programmes are fully aware of the complexities of the profession and the responsibilities paramedics discharge in delivering a broad spectrum of healthcare.

Following the Health Education England (HEE) implementation of the Paramedic Evidenced-Based Education Project (PEEP) Steering Group, an Independent review of the Curriculum Guidance was undertaken. Members of the Education Advisory Committee met to review the independent body recommendations and introduce these into the 3rd Edition (Revised) of the Paramedic Curriculum Guidance. We firmly believe that this document provides the best advice available for those delivering paramedic education and training, and that adherence to it by education providers and employers of new registrants will enhance the quality of paramedical services throughout the UK.

In addition, and perhaps most importantly, this guidance can give service users – wherever they are in the country – the assurance that paramedics have been prepared for practice through an effective collaboration that has involved education providers, employers and the paramedics’ professional body.

As the College of Paramedics continues to grow it is increasingly able to play a major part in the development of the paramedic profession. We believe that the profession should be led by paramedics for the benefit of patient care and that, in order for the profession to continually improve, we must continue to advocate, engaging in positive dialogue with our healthcare colleagues and all stakeholders involved in paramedic development.




Professor Andy Newton, QAM FCPara
Chair of the College of Paramedics
June 2015