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Post-Reg Career Framework

The College of Paramedics Professional Standards Directorate made the decision to separate the Paramedic Curriculum Guidance, from the Paramedic Post Registration Career Framework. The initial document provides the curriculum for student paramedics to develop the education, knowledge, skills and competencies to meet the standards required by the regulatory body to become eligible to register as a Paramedic. The latter is published to provide post-registered paramedics with guidance regarding the appropriate education, knowledge, and expertise to facilitate their development along the Paramedic Post Registered – Career Framework pathway.

Since the publication of the Paramedic Curriculum Guidance & Competence Framework, the College has continued to address and develop the clinical, educational, managerial, and research abilities for post registered paramedics. These include current and potential career opportunities, some of which including development into the wider healthcare of the community have been appraised and reviewed, and, Paramedics are now delivering care and treatments that would have only been undertaken by Doctors ten years ago. Paramedics are becoming mandated to ensure that they provide patients, and service users with the most appropriate treatment at the point of contact, and consequently receive the care, compassion and expertise in every aspect of urgent and emergency, or critical care.

The College of Paramedics as the professional body for UK Paramedics reiterates its commitment to "leading the development of the paramedic profession"; this publication is another key element in delivering this commitment.

We anticipate that this document will be published in full during May 2015.

Graham Harris, MCPara
Director of Professional Standards
March 2015