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Would you like to present at the College of Paramedics’ National Conference in 2018?

Posted: 07.11.2017

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Have you got a piece of research, or would you like to share an experience that others can learn from? Are you comfortable in presenting to a large audience? If so, we would love to hear from you.
Next year’s National Conference, themed, ‘Learning from Experience’ is taking place at The Oxford Belfry Hotel, near Oxford on Wednesday 9th & Thursday 10th May 2018.
The conference organising committee is looking for potential speakers to talk about an area of their work which they are have learnt from, which could help others, whether it is on clinical, leadership, professionalism or educational.

What is the closing date?
The closing date for submissions is Friday 5th January 2018.

When and where is the conference?
The conference is taking place on Wednesday 9th & Thursday 10th May 2018 at the Oxford Belfry in Oxfordshire.

I’m a non-member can I still present?
Yes, presentations by non-members are very welcome, but must be supported by a member of the College on the understanding that s/he is confident that the presentation will be of a high standard.

Do I have to pay?
There is no fee for making a submission or presenting. If your submission is accepted for presentation, then you will be required to attend the conference. You will receive complimentary admission to the conference on the day of your presentation, but will be required to pay the standard admission charges for the additional day and for the ‘Evening with the College’ dinner.  Further information will be sent to you in early February 2018.

I’m not sure if my presentation fits in with your topic criteria, can I still submit it?
Yes, we would love to hear about your experiences, as long as it is relevant to paramedic practice. 

My topic is original research, can it still be submitted?
Yes, presentations considering original research should state briefly and clearly the purpose, methods, results and conclusions of the work. The maximum word count is 500 words.

  • Aims: Clearly state the purpose of the abstract. 
  • Methods: Describe your selection of observations or experimental subjects clearly.
  • Results/Discussion: Present your outcome data in a logical sequence in text, tables and illustrations.
  • Conclusion: Clearly state the conclusion(s) of your paper. 

Who judges the submissions?
Submissions are judged by a sub-committee of the conference organising committee, comprised of senior clinicians and educators, board trustees and the College Research Lead.

How long is the presentation slot?
Each presentation slot is 30 minutes in duration, 24 minutes to present, 4 minutes for questions and then 2 minutes to changeover to the next speaker. Specific times and the day of the presentation are allocated by the organising committee.

I do not have any experience in presenting, can I still present?
For those who are not used to public speaking we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you make the organising committee aware and support will be provided. If chosen to present, we will work with you to ensure a smooth and professional presentation on the day.

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