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Wales’ First International Suicide and Self-harm Prevention Symposium hailed a great success

Posted: 10.10.2017

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Over 130 delegates attended Wales’ First International Suicide and Self-harm Prevention Symposium, which took place at the All Nations Centre in Cardiff on Friday 22nd September.  The event jointly organised by the College of Paramedics, Swansea University, and Welsh Ambulance Service research team was created to help priority care providers (those who respond to people in crisis) prevent suicide and self-harm, treat those who have attempted suicide and self-harm and care for those who have been affected by these issues.

Delegates travelled from all over the UK to attend, including; six different ambulance trusts, the Emergency Ambulance Services Committee, seven different universities (including the University of Malta!), four health boards, six charities, thirteen mental health teams, seven Government bodies, the Police and many different independent groups.  Event feedback was extremely positive with 97% of the delegates stating it was a worthwhile event to attend. Delegate comments included,

  • ‘Great symposium, big thanks to the organisers, looking forward to next year’s one!’, ‘
  • I found the course very helpful in understanding suicide and self-harm, and beneficial in my future treatment with patients.’
  • ‘it was an excellent event, networking opportunity at breaks. I hope to attend the event in 2018.’

The organisers would like to thank the College of Paramedics for their support in making this event such a success, along with the other sponsors of; Swansea University. Swansea University research team led by Prof. Ann John & the Welsh Ambulance Service research team led by Nigel Rees.

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