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Volunteer mentors wanted in Wales

Posted: 03.01.2020

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The Mullany Fund is a Lottery funded social mobility organisation based at Swansea University that run an e-Mentoring programme for young people from south Wales to provide them with support on their studies, future career paths and, where appropriate, accessing higher education. The focus is on those with a broad interest in healthcare and life sciences, and those who are from more disadvantaged backgrounds. 

They are looking to recruit more volunteer mentors (either undergraduate, postgraduate or staff member) who are working as paramedics. They have a large number of students sign up each e-Mentoring session, with an interest in how to enter the profession, but only a few mentors with a specialism in this area.

They had 373 young people in total register for support for the autumn session. It’s only with support from volunteer mentors that they can run the project.
Find out more about being a mentor here: https://themullanyfund.org/en/what-we-do/mullany-e-mentoring/

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