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UK Solicitor Practice Misrepresentating Paramedics

Posted: 08.10.2018

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A member brought to our attention that in their view the paramedic profession was being misrepresented by a UK solicitors practice on their website, specifically inferring that paramedics were unable to accurately undertake a neurological assessment especially for specific medical conditions (Cauda Equina Syndrome), and the inference that the paramedic could be accused of poor practice and in effect be blameworthy. They felt it was dated, and not only incorrect but disrespectful to the profession. On review of the website, The College agreed.

We (The College) were not aware of this website and grateful that our member brought this to our attention and so we sought legal advice from our Solicitors:- Andrea James of Knights who worked with us to make an appropriate response, not only pointing out the inaccuracies, but reminding them about the SRA (HCPC for solicitors) guidance about advertising ie misleading or inaccurate content is prohibited. We pointed out eleven clear areas from The Paramedic Pre-Registration Curriculum 4th ed that covered this patient assessment area, and further reference to JRCALC clinical guidelines including red flags for Cauda Equina, and the published NICE clinical guidance, all clearly showing paramedic education and training was clear for this subject matter and so refuting the statements from the law firm’s web site.

We later received confirmation from our Solicitors that the law firm in question had removed all of the offending material from their website and they will not re-publish similar material.  The website has been checked and no mention of paramedic negligence remains. 

We are grateful to our member for bringing this to attention and the speedy resolution to the matter with the help of Andrea.  

Bob Fellows FCPara
National Education Lead

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Dear Sir or Madam,

I would be grayeful if you could cite the JRCALC and NICE references

Many thanks

Added by: DrG on: 11.10.2018

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