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The Practice Educator Guidance Handbook Published

Posted: 17.05.2017

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The Practice Educator Guidance Handbook Published

The Practice Educator Guidance Handbook review group published the new handbook at the AGM/Conference in May in Solihull. 500 copies arrived and were distributed across the event as conference edition, in which we have invited early recipients to provide us with feedback to the email address feedback@collegeofparamedics.co.uk. Following a final edit by the review team a further 13,000 copies will be published and distributed to every practice educator. Some have been set aside for purchase, details to be advised.

The Board of Trustees of the College of Paramedics wishes to thank the members of the Practice Educator Guidance Handbook Group for their contribution to the development, editing and final production:

Frank Armstrong
Paul Bates
Nigel Brown 
John Burnham
Matt Capsey
Mark Carroll
Matt Catterall 
Bob Fellows
Mark Gregson
Graham Harris 
Lizi Hickson 
Andy Jones 
Clare Keenan
Paul Lewis
Kirsty Lowery-Richardson
Amy Rollason
Michael Stevens
James Taylor
Richard Tune

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