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The #ParaWomen 2019 event series

Posted: 29.04.2019

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Do you want to be more active in 2019? 

Do you want to join like-minded colleagues in being more active?

Liz Harris (Head of Professional Standards) and Georgette Eaton (Board Trustee for South Central) completed the second event of the #ParaWomen series in the Forest of Dean this weekend. The #ParaWomen series aims to promote the benefits of physical activity and psychological wellbeing but also hopes to encourage more women paramedics to get involved with the College of Paramedics and aspire to be Board members in the future. But of course, all and everyone is more than welcome to join the team in any or all of the events. The next event is a short 5k obstacle run at Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire. Or you can join them on the bike ride from London to Brighton in June or the Bournemouth pier swim in July. Available places are booking up fast so make your entry as soon as possible. For any further information email strongwomen@collegeofparamedics.co.uk


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