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The Carter Report and the Rotating Paramedic Workforce Model

Posted: 11.10.2018

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Lord Carter’s report into ambulance productivity in England - Operational productivity and performance in English NHS Ambulance Trusts: Unwarranted variations – was published on 27 September 2018.  Recognising a significant rise in demand for ambulance services in recent years, it makes nine recommendations to improve patient care, efficiency and support for frontline staff.
The Carter Report’s recommendations require actions to reduce avoidable conveyances to hospital and to improve the retention of paramedics and Health Education England’s (HEE)  rotating paramedic workforce model has the potential to provide a solution to these challenges. To find out how, take a look at this paper written by the HEE Rotating Paramedic Programme Team.  The team has also developed a short overview of the rotating paramedic model (see right).

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