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The 6th National Ambulance Memorial Service organised by The Ambulance Staff Charity (TASC)

Posted: 08.10.2018

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Every other year the Ambulance Services gather at The National Memorial Arboretum to remember staff who have died both whilst in service and in retirement in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Guernsey, Jersey and Gibraltar. The College of Paramedics, represented by Mr Bob Fellows FCPara our new Educational lead, was honoured to be invited to represent the profession and had the opportunity to catch up with colleagues in the ambulance services including both independent and military connections and the many retirement associations. Around 150 colleagues and family members gathered on Thursday 13th September 2018 in the Chapel of Peace. The  30 minute service was led by Reverend Kevin Charles the chaplain for EMAS on behalf of The Ambulance Staff Charity with several people lighting 4 candles, which represented, “Those who work in the ambulance service,” “Those serving in the rescue and care for others,” “The light of hope that shines in the darkness,” and finally “For those who have lost loved ones”. 

Following that service, the group then moved to the Ambulance Service memorial in the grounds with the sound of a lone piper where over 20 wreaths were placed to honour both the 57 named staff who died in Service (NHS & Independent) in the past two years and those who have died in retirement. The last post was played from a cornet at the finish.

The Role of honour represents 56 ambulance staff who have died in service in 2017 and 2018.

 Lynn Haywood EMAS  Lance Cox EEAS  Gavin Hunt WMAS
 Marc Hamblin EMAS  Chris Allen NEAS  Dawn Smith WMAS
 Simon Todd EMAS  Robert Allan SAS  Dr Andy Carson WMAS
 Adrian Winn SECAMB  Roger Wooley EMAS  Peter Scrimshaw EMAS
 Steven Sale EEAS  Ralph Bowness EMAS  Peter Young EMAS
 Michelle Bell NEAS  Neil Porter EEAS  Charlotte Warren WMAS
 Gary Lacey EEAS  Stephen Home WMAS  Martin Manning EEAS
 Gary Cooper NEAS  Fred Williamson WMAS  John ‘Jack’ Wray McCann LAS
 Jon Radcliffe NEAS  Dave Peasley WMAS  Mickey Hughes NIAS
 Martyn Vincent NEAS  Mickey Willetts WMAS  Kelly Hussick – Dunmore EEAS
 Alistair Harvey EEAS  Colin Bolsom SWAST  Stephen Payne QAM SECAMB
 Shaun Tindall EMAS  Alan Simpson NEAS  Roderick MacDonald SAS
 Simon Bear EMAS  Phil Williamson WAS  Jaqruti Patel SCAS
 John Clift WAS  Dave Allen SWAST  Thomas Hodgson WMAS
 Paul Scanlan SCAS  Aled Evans NEAS  Sarah-Jane Cunningham EEAS
 William Gunion NEAS  David Evans NEAS  Percy John Remnant Surrey AS
 Lesley Levick EMAS  Sara McDonald SCAS  Tina Batten EMAS
 Robert Watson SAS  Susan Smith EEAS  Emma Jane Nichols EEAS
 Dave Slater EMAS  Lesley Levick EMAS  

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