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Public Health England publishes good practice guidance

Posted: 07.09.2017

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Public Health England (PHE) has published a new guidance document setting out what good practice looks like for public health in pre-registration Allied Health Professional education.
The Guidance: Public Health Content within the Pre-Registration Curricula for Allied Health Professions aims to help shape individual professions curricula and support universities to review and develop their courses. 

The guidance includes 12 recommendations covering content, approach to inclusion of public health content and skills development and recommended resources.
 The hope is that the guidance will be useful to professional bodies as they review their curriculum and to universities who are updating their courses.

This PHE coordinated piece of work has involved partners across the UK including the AHP professional bodies, the Council of Deans for Health (who are publishing the report on their website), the Health and Care Professions Council, the Welsh, Scottish and Northern Ireland Governments, Health Education England, NHS Improvement and the Faculty of Public Health.  It will be of interest to an AHP audience.

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