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Paramedics Feature in Update to the GP Contract Agreement

Posted: 10.02.2020

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The British Medical Association and NHS England have just released details of an important update to the contract for General Practitioners in the UK.  An increasing number of College of Paramedics members now work in General Practice as part of multi-disciplinary teams and it is encouraging to see paramedic roles included in the contract.  Here are two highlights for paramedics:

  • Paramedics will be included in the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS) from April 2021.
  • The contract indicates a requirement to have a relevant Master’s degree, to work as an Advanced Paramedic Practitioner within a Primary Care Network (PCN). 

The College of Paramedics welcomes the inclusion of paramedics in the ARRS, and the recognition of the impact our profession can have in Primary Care.  We are aware of the retention challenges facing traditional ambulance employers and we are working with employers, PCNs and our members to ensure that paramedics are able to fulfil their potential in a wide range of roles. 
The new contract may be accessed at https://www.england.nhs.uk/publication/investment-and-evolution-update-to-the-gp-contract-agreement-20-21-23-24

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Does the college feel that band 7 for an MSc trained paramedic is suitable remuneration?

Added by: Phil Currie on: 15.02.2020

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